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Additional Services for   Non-Resident Owners

At Paradigm Management we take care of all government regulations, rent collection and tax deductions for non-resident owners. We also assist in completing and filing all necessary forms to the CRA. 

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Taxation For Non-Resident Owners


if you are a non-resident landlord renting out property in Canada, you are required to withhold and remit non-resident tax of the gross rental income each month. Taxes can be deducted on net renal income once an NR6 is submitted and approved by CRA. The payer has to pay the tax on or before the 15th day of the month, following the month the rental income is paid. 


We at Paradigm Management offer the complete solution for non-resident owners as their Canadian agent. We deduct the withholding tax and submit to CRA each month, we file the NR6 and get it approved from CRA in order to deduct withholding taxes at the net income. Paradigm Management will provide you with an NR4 slip that shows the gross rental income, and non-resident tax withheld for the year. We can also assist in filing the section 216 return at the end of the year through our accountants at a small fee if you choose to do so. 

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